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Primary Mathematics 2022 Additional Practice eBook (U.S. Edition)

Primary Mathematics 2022 Additional Practice eBook (U.S. Edition)

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
Usage Platform: MCEduHub
Curriculum: Fully aligned to U.S. Standards (Singapore Maths® Approach)
Type: Enhanced eBook (THIS IS NOT A PHYSCIAL BOOK)


  • Ideal for students who are using the Common Core State Standard series in the USA
  • Homeschooling in the USA


Primary Mathematics (2022) - U.S. Edition is a stellar program with a renowned history, fortified with the latest mathematical principles and top practices. Re-energized to captivate a new generation of students, the core of the original Primary Mathematics (2022 Edition) program has been bolstered to arm students with a solid concept comprehension, critical thought, and problem-solving expertise.

The Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition has been carefully crafted to embody both the U.S. Standards and Singapore methodologies, providing reliable, time-tested learning and inculcating the joy of education. Its design is regularly refined to be consistent with U.S. State Standards, yet true to the original Singapore Math® approach.

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Your child can now carry on with their exciting learning journey with Primary Mathematics (2033), U.S. Edition and become better at math with practice!

The Additional Practice eBook of the Primary Mathematics (2022) - U.S. Edition offers students with 

  • Exercise Worksheets
  • Chapter Practice
  • Answer Keys

The practice in this eBook follows closely with what students have learned in the Primary Mathematics (2022), U.S. Edition Student eBook.

Additional Practice eBook Samples

Primary_Mathematics_2022_Additional_Practice_Sample Page 1

Primary_Mathematics_2022_Additional_Practice_Sample Page 2 

Primary_Mathematics_2022_Additional_Practice_Sample Page 3

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