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Primary Mathematics 2022 Student eBook (U.S. Edition)

Primary Mathematics 2022 Student eBook (U.S. Edition)

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
Usage Platform: MCEduHub
Curriculum: Fully aligned to U.S. Standards (Singapore Maths® Approach)
Type: Enhanced eBook (THIS IS NOT A PHYSCIAL BOOK)


  • Ideal for students who are using the Common Core State Standard series in the USA
  • Homeschooling in the USA


Primary Mathematics (2022) - U.S. Edition is a program with a respected track record and it is updated with the latest mathematical thinking and best practices. Refreshed to engage a new generation of students, the fundamentals of the original Primary Mathematics (2022 Edition) program have been strengthened to equip students with strong conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

In every lesson, mathematical concepts are presented from the simplest most basic aspect to the most complex aspect for that grade. This is done to build a strong foundation that ensures successful progression to mastery. With simple language and captivating visuals that support learning, all students can achieve mastery.

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The Primary Mathematics (2022 Edition) is designed for the international regions that is anchored on U.S. Standards and Singapore methodologies which have consistently delivered learning successes while bringing about the joy of learning. Over the years, the program has been regularly adapted and updated to fully align with U.S. State Standards. This program has always remained true to the original Singapore Math® approach.

eBook Features


The chapter opener stimulates curiosity and interest through a context that connects Math to real life, taps tap into prior knowledge, and encourages discussion.

Chapter Opener - Primary Mathematics 2022 U.S. Edition


Recall assesses students’ readiness for the chapter. 

Recall - Primary Mathematics 2022 U.S. Edition


Digital Manipulatives are interactive tools that support teaching and learning.

Digital Manipulative - Primary Mathematics 2022 U.S. Edition


Activity! requires students to solve problems collaboratively and to demonstrate understanding by articulating their thinking.

Activity! - Primary Mathematics 2022 U.S. Edition


Anchor Tasks are relatable tasks just beyond students’ current level of formal learning. They provide opportunities for productive struggle.

Anchor Tasks! - Primary Mathematics (2022) U.S Edition


Learn Together consists of a series of problems that are carefully varied and progress from the simplest concept in LEARN to more complex
ones, developing and deepening students’ understanding.

LEARN TOGETHER is student centric. The
variation exposes students to the different ways a concept can be tested. This helps them to develop application of concepts in different perspectives.

Learn Together! - Primary Mathematics (2022) U.S. Edition


Practice on Your Own is an independent practice at the end of a lesson. It serves as a formative assessment, allowing teachers to support students with differentiated resources. 

Practice on Your Own - Primary Mathematics 2022 U.S. Edition


Think! leads students to reflect on mathematical concepts and challenges them to use different strategies to solve a problem.

Think! - Primary Mathematics 2022 U.S. Edition


Performance Tasks are formative assessment tasks, set in real-world contexts, with accompanying rubrics. The questions require application of concepts and skills learned or they may be open-ended but with
limited possible answers.

Performance Tasks - Primary Mathematics 2022 U.S. Edition


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