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Science for Lower Secondary Textbook

Science for Lower Secondary Textbook

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Title: Science for Lower Secondary
Levels: G1, G2, G3, Secondary 2 (Exp/NA/NT)
Type: Digital


G1/Normal Technical Series

The syllabus is organised around context that students can relate to in their everyday experiences. this allows students to appreciate the relevance of science and technology in society and the environment.

The textbook provides students with an understanding of the natural and physical world around them and equips them with a basic knowledge of science and its practices. To develop Values, Ethics and Attitudes in students, the book is also designed to provide students with greater opportunities to discuss social and ethical issues and think about how their action affect themselves and the environment.

G2/3/Express/Normal Academic Series

This series is designed to provide a firm foundation in science with opportunities to understand Core Idea, engage in Practices of Science and cultivate Values Ethic and Attitude in Science. 

Real-world contexts in the textbook strengthen the relevance of the thematic approach. The book also introduces Science as a way of thinking, and a collective human endeavor to understand the natural world.  This helps to develop fundamentals that are integral to scientific inquiry and innovation and essential for making informed decision and taking responsible actions on science related issues that concerns lives, the society and the environment.


This is a digital textbook for the following title - Science for Lower Secondary. The digital textbook covers levels from Secondary 1 (G1/G2/G3), Secondary 2 (Exp/NA/NT). 

This is not a physical textbook.

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