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Math Buddies

Math Buddies

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
Usage Platform: MCEduHub 


Math Buddies is a comprehensive digital platform that adopts the same pedagogical principles found in Marshall Cavendish Education’s print solutions and combines interactive multimedia technology with instructional strategies to offer an engaging learning experience for Primary school children. Aligned to the Singapore Math framework, Math Buddies’ curriculum focuses on problem-solving and critical thinking to deepen learners’ conceptual understanding and help them learn to master concepts.

The platform emphasis on careful scaffolding, the introduction of new concepts is built upon concepts previously learnt and mastered to ensure a solid foundation through a coherent and focused programme for learners from Primary 1 to 6.

Topics Covered

Whole Numbers







Area and Perimeter

Bar Graph



And More!


The platform includes

  • Mini Games
  • Virtual Manipulatives

Enhanced User Experience

The fully HTML interactive resource and enhanced user interface brings about meaningful learning journey for for children. 

Spiral Progression Learning Pathway

The simplified ‘by lesson’ approach promotes effective and scaffolded learning that ensures a solid foundation to achieve conceptual mastery.

Mini Games

Mini Games is an exciting and interactive digital platform that make
learning math fun for children. Improve memory’s capacity and hand-eye
coordination, allowing children to apply concepts and skills learned to
achieve mastery. 

Through mini games, children are motivated to learn math, as they aim
to complete the different levels through solving equation. Through this,
they gain confidence in their math skills and achieve proficiency in
mathematics. With lively animations and captivating visuals, learners are
sure to be kept engaged throughout!

Mini Games include:

Maze Game

  • Music Maker
  • Space Guardian
  • Pipes
  • Pop!
  • Whack a Mole
  • Shooting
  • Jigsaw Puzzle

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives is a set of interactive tools that is specially developed to prompt students to explore and make connections as they build a solid conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts. Virtual manipulatives are used by children to reinforce the learning of the concepts independently, help children visualise and construct models to identify mathematical concepts, make connections and solve problems.


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