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Geography Coursebook

Geography Coursebook

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Title: Geography Course Book
Levels: G1, G2, G3, Secondary 2 (Exp/NA/NT), Secondary 3 (E/NA/NT), Secondary 4/5 (E/NA/NT), 


Aligned with the new syllabus, this coursebook is written using the approach of Geographical Inquiry, inviting you to explore and investigate the important phenomena and issues in our environment. It is designed to ignite your curiosity and develop geographical thinking to ask critical questions regarding issues about your environment in a meaningful and critical manner. You will understand the geographical processes that contribute to the formations that make up the landscape on Earth. You will Journey through the interactions between the physical and built environment in relation to human activities. Most importantly, you will develop the awareness of the need for sustainability in utilising resources for development.

This is a digital textbook for the following title - Geography. The digital textbook covers levels from Secondary 1 (G2/G3), Secondary 2 (Exp/NA).

Important: This is not a physical textbook.

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