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Shaping Maths

Shaping Maths

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
Usage Platform: MCEduHub
Product Type: Digital 


Discover the power of maths with Shaping Maths! Our revolutionary maths software revolutionises the way your child interacts with maths and helps them explore complex concepts with ease. With a robust understanding of mathematics and its application, children can develop values, skills and competencies that are transferable and essential for the 21st century.

A range of activities and videos are supplied to nurture thinking skills, aiding children in connecting multiple representations of the same ideas.

Shaping Maths digital learning platform gives students the capability to study autonomously and can be accessed with any of the four operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS).

It features Augmented Reality to strengthen mathematics comprehension, interactive components such as activities and games, stimulating videos and simulations, bookmarking of important pages, and the ability to draw and jot on the page with virtual colour pencils and more!

Through use of the program, students will be able to assess their own educational needs, utilise fitting learning materials and approaches, and evaluate their educational growth.

Feel the joy of learning Maths! Try Shaping Maths today.

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