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My Pals are Here! English (International)

My Pals are Here! English (International)

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
Usage Platform: MCEduHub
Curriculum: CEFR standards
Type: Enhanced eBook (THIS IS NOT A PHYSCIAL BOOK)
Edition: 2nd Edition


  • Pupils of English as a Second Language


My Pals Are Here! English (International) 2nd Edition is suitable for general English classes. This series contextualises learning and recycles language elements with increasing levels of difficulty to nurture competent and confident communicators.

Fully updated and packed with new features, this edition builds on the successful formula of the 1st Edition. Taking the learning outcomes from international syllabi, the series prepares students for both national and international examinations. 

Hone Skills and Stretch Pupils through Real-Life Topics

Activities designed around real-life topics encourages pupils to practise language skills. Skills Lessons sections enhance pupils' reading, writing, listening and speaking sckills and challenge pupiks as they learn new vocabulary related to real world topics. The School Subject sections enable Content and Language Integrated Learning through collaborative activities that promoted the discussion of concept from other school subjects in English.



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