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Matters Series (eBooks)

Matters Series (eBooks)

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Usage Duration: 24 months subscription upon activation
Usage Platform: MCEduHub
Product Type: Student's Edition, Digital
Editions: 3rd - 5th Edition
Series: Physics, Chemistry and Biology



The new edition of the Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) Matters series for Physics, Chemistry and Biology is aligned to the latest GCE ‘O’ Level syllabuses released by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, for use in 2023.

The latest series reflects the curriculum shifts in the new science curriculum framework such as the emphasis on Science for Life and Society, Practices of Science, VEA (Values, Ethics and Attitudes) and Disciplinary Ideas. It seeks to nurture future-ready learners who understand the relevance of science to the world around them and encourages them to be inspired, to inquire and to innovate.

Building on the strengths of the previous edition, this latest edition of the Matters series continues to adopt a visual approach and offer rich resources to make teaching and learning easy and simple. It is now designed for hybrid learning and supports the development of self-directed digital learners.

Annotatable eBooks

The eBooks* are annotatable and tagged with digital resources to support hybrid learning. Learners can make annotations as they learn on the go and carry out self-assessment using the auto-markable quizzes. The eBooks are also available for offline access by downloading them using the MCEduHub app.

The eBooks are annotatable with:

  • Textbook (tagged with quizzes, videos, animations, simulations)
  • Theory Workbook
  • Practical Workbook (tagged with experiment videos)

*Accessible via the MCEduHub website and MCEduHub app upon subscription

*If you are unable to view any products, the products are currently unavailable in your country.

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