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First Steps from Phonics to Reading

First Steps from Phonics to Reading

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FIRST STEPS From Phonics to Reading is a unique, easy-to-learn, 3-level language programme designed for young children (4 - 6 years old) learning English as a first language and as a foreign language. Centered around 75 authentic stories, these readers follows a balanced, whole language, step-by-step approach to develop the four foundational skills of language learning (reading, writing, speaking and listening). FIRST STEPS aims to develop young independent readers and effective communicators equipped with strong phonemic awareness and 21st century competencies.

Immerses children in a language-rich environment with authentic stories

FIRST STEPS From Phonics to Reading programme has been specifically designed to create a language-rich context for effective immersion in English through the introduction of authentic stories. Suitable for beginners, stories support young children’s development of oral language, natural creativity and are ideal for building vocabulary.

Fist Steps from Phonics to Reading - Phonics Sounds

Equips children with Social and Emotional skills to succeed in future evolving economies

Each of the readers in FIRST STEPS has a distinct Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) focus. This helps young children learn to understand and respect themselves, others and the world around them.

It encourages children to be curious and adaptable, work collaboratively with their peers and build their problem-solving skills. These 21st century skills that SEL imparts are increasingly necessary and critical for children to successfully navigate their later years and the changing paradigms of global society.

First Steps from Phonics to Reading - Level 3 Keiko’s New School

Level 3 Keiko’s New School
SEL Focus: Social Awareness
Cross-cultural curiosity, understanding and acceptance

Exposes children to multi-sensory experiences with engaging activities

Young learners learn best when they are exposed to a broad range of multi-sensory experiences. FIRST STEPS supports a multisensory instructional approach to improve children’s phonemic awareness and their language and literacy skills.

First Steps from Phonics to Reading - Activity Sample

First Steps from Phonics to Reading - Activity 2

Original songs and digital stories to support learning

Lively, animated versions of the printed readers bring the characters in each reader to life! Children will have fun listening and learning to say the target sounds and words. They can also practise the target sounds and words in an engaging way through our digital readers, games, songs, and flashcards.

First Steps from Phonics to Reading - Songs75 Original Songs

First Steps from Phonics to Reading - Flashcards
Flash Cards

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