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MCE Cambridge Primary International English (2nd Edition)

MCE Cambridge Primary International English (2nd Edition)

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Curriculum: Aligned to the new Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language curriculum framework (0057)


  • Student Book: Enhanced eBook (THIS IS NOT A PHYSCIAL BOOK)
  • Activity Book: eBook (THIS IS NOT A PHYSCIAL BOOK)

Edition: 2nd Edition


The MCE Cambridge Primary International English (2nd Edition) combines tried-and tested methodologies alongside more recent practices, placing stories at the heart of the learning.


The intriguing stories and texts in the student’s book cultivate curiosity, bolster confidence in learners, ignite a desire for knowledge, and ensure language practices are purposeful. Vivid visuals captivate learner’s attention and reinforces comprehension.

MCE Cambridge Primary International English (2nd Edition) captures the imaginations of young learners with vivid stories, engaging non-fiction texts, fun songs and rhymes. 'Word Bird' and 'Grammar Gorilla' icons help build vocabulary and grammar, while Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) encourages reflection, opinion-sharing and exploring different ideas and experiences.

To ensure an enjoyable learning experience, the course content is offered through a variety of mediums, including stories, non-fiction text, songs and rhymes. This keeps children engaged and interested. The course content is varied and stimulating, encouraging curious and creative young minds to explore and develop as they learn.

The Cambridge Primary International English (2nd Edition) program emphasises developing vocabulary and grammar through the aid of ‘Word Bird’ and ‘Grammar Gorilla’ symbols, which serve to remind learners of material previously studied and expose them to new concepts.

Incorporates Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) principles, helping learners to think critically, express opinions, and share knowledge or experiences. Develops essential skills for a well-rounded learner, providing the tools to build strong communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.




Exciting and tailored activities make ESL learning meaningful and exciting for young students. It includes a wide range of activities that enable students to put their language into practice in a variety of contexts. For example, the hobbies topic allows young learners to provide personalized answers which can help boost enthusiasm and motivation. There are also specially prepared sheets of colorful stickers that can be used to make learning fun and enjoyable.

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