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Xue Le Wang《学乐网》

Xue Le Wang《学乐网》

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
Usage Platform: MCEduHub
Product Type: Digital 

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Xue Le Wang 《学乐网》is useful for self-directed learning as it covers the fundamentals of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Content Package includes:

  • Games
  • Virtual Manipulatives
  • Hanyu Pinyin exercises
  • Sing-along-songs
  • Short animated films

This digital learning platform is suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 6 (Standard Chinese) and consist of:

  • Thematic topics related to real-life scenarios
  • Interesting and fun activities
  • Online resource easily available for parents, students and teachers
  • Resources are aligned to Huan Le Huo Ban 《欢乐伙伴》series
  • Vocabulary learned can be used for students to express themselves

Activities include:

Sing-along-songs - 唱游世界

Xue Le Wang has music videos with Hanyu Pinyin for learners to listen and singalong

  • To help improve learner’s understanding and literacy of Chinese Language
  • Learners can switch on/off the HYPY assistance
  • Learners can also singalong with/without backing vocals


Hanyu Pinyin - 拼音城堡 

Hanyu Pinyin games to solidify and deepen learners reading and speaking capability in Chinese Language. Games are narrated to ensure learners are pronouncing the words correctly

Listen and Speak - 听说剧场 

Narrated animated films & pictures related to real-life scenarios to guide learners on their listening, speaking and reading ability

Read and Write - 读写乐园

Reading passages & games are used in these activities to enhance learner’s literacy and writing in Chinese. Audio playback & Hanyu Pinyin of conversational topics which enhances learner’s literacy are included and virtual manipulative to show learners how images can be manipulated into the Chinese word. Games like "Guess the word" enables learners to recongise Chinese words and drag and drop games to test the learners understanding.

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