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Caterpillar eBook Series (Kindergarten 2) 毛毛虫系列 K2

Caterpillar eBook Series (Kindergarten 2) 毛毛虫系列 K2

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The Caterpillar eBook Series for Kindergarten 2 (K2) children consist of 8 readers to stimulate children's interest in reading and promote language development. Based on the child's language development, this series provides introduction of words with increasing complexity and difficulty. Not only that, the K2 child will be exposed progressively to words with increasing complexity and difficultly. Common everyday words and vivid illustrations are also used to pique children’s interest, improving their reading and speaking abilities.

The stories in the books resonate with children as they are based on realistic and familiar life settings.

Varied topics - including colour, transportation, comparisons of heights and mass, and habits.

 You can select this eBook in the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese



  • The eBooks are accessible via Moo-O.

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