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Beany's Picture eBook Series

Beany's Picture eBook Series

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The Beany's Picture Book series is specially designed and written for preschool children to help them learn to read. The series consist of 10 English and 10 Chinese eReaders to help preschool children learn the language. With beautiful illustrations to attract attention, this series aims to provide preschoolers with an enjoyable reading experience. The Beany's Picture Book series consists of 10 books (English/Chinese) covering themes based its theme on real-life context such as family, animals and shapes.

Hanyu Pinyin is provided in the Chinese eReaders. 

This eBook series consists of:

  • 10 English Beany's Picture eBooks
  • 10 Chinese Beany's Picture eBooks

Beany's Picture eBook Themes for Preschool Children

  • My Family / 我的家
  • Let's Have Fun / 我会动一动
  • My Body / 我的身体
  • Colours / 都有颜色
  • On the Road / 交通工具
  • My Kindergarten / 我的幼儿园
  • Collective Nouns / 我会数一数
  • Animals / 动物
  • Shapes / 有趣的形状
  • The Sky / 多变的天空


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