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Secondary English Oral Buddy

Secondary English Oral Buddy

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Oral Buddy for Secondary 1 and 2 students is create to provide Secondary School children with clear strategies to tackle the three components of English Oral:

  • Reading aloud
  • Picture discussion
  • Conversation

With a step-by-step approach together with guided practices and audio-recording capabilities, helps students build confidence in their oral skills. This programme offers 10 reading passages, 10 picture discussion and 10 conversation pieces for Level 3 to 6 only.


Reading Aloud

Though the use of English Oral Buddy, students are able to listen, practice and playback recording to improve on 

  • Pronunciation and articulation
  • Rythm and fluency
  • Expression of emotions and intonation
English Oral Buddy - Reading Aloud Passage Sample

Picture Discussion

English Oral Buddy - Picture Discussion Sample

With the provided pictures, students will learn how to express themself through small, guided steps and gain tips on

  • Interpretation and explanation
  • Proper use of vocabulary and grammar
  • Structuring of responses, providing details, analysis, reasons and opinions


English Oral Buddy - Conversation Sample

Students can hone their skills in

  • Giving personal responses with relevant examples, experiences and suggestions
  • Conducting and engaging conversations
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