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Science Digital Suites

Science Digital Suites

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
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The Science Digital Suites is a comprehensive science solution built to support the widely established 5E instructional model. This solution offers children with rich interactive content that includes animations, video demonstrations, simulations and games to help learners to understand scientific concepts and apply knowledge appropriately.


Children discover concepts through bite-size storybased and animated tutorials that support learning and exploration of relationships between each concept.

Thought-provoking questions that stimulate children to revisit concepts taught.

Real-life scenarios introducing concepts behind various phenomena to pique children interest.


Partake in virtual interactive activities which enable learners to explore concepts and opportunities to form hypotheses, investigate and form opinions.

Investigative activities for children to put their hypotheses to test.


Expose children to various topic-related experiments to acquire a deeper understanding of concepts and build essential science skills.

Annotated videos to demonstrate science experiments while highlighting key observations and learning points.


Multiple sets of interactive questions that test children' ability to apply concepts to different scenarios.

Interactive questions that require learners to apply learnt concepts to different scenarios.

Mini Games

Apply concepts learnt through fun and engaging mini-games.

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