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Maths Digital Suites

Maths Digital Suites

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Usage Duration: 12 months subscription upon activation
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Math Digital Suite for Primary is a comprehensive digital platform that combines interactive multimedia technology with instructional strategies to offer an engaging teaching and learning experience. Adopting the same pedagogical principles of Singapore Math®, Math Digital Suite aims to hone students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills through story-based interactive animations, animated tutorials, interactive activities and mind-stimulating quizzes.


Fully narrated multimedia lessons with step-by-step animation using the ‘concrete-pictorial-abstract approach’ to aid students in mastering complex concepts at their
own pace.

Challenging Concepts

Interactive story-based animations with virtual manipulatives for stimulated interest and sustained engagement among learners.

Virtual Manipulatives

Interactive tools that prompt students to explore and make connections to key ideas in order to build a solid conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts.

Challenge Concepts

With virtual manipulatives to exemplify the concrete-pictorial scaffolding process, students are better prepared to tackle quiz questions. Further (or Supplementary) examples help promote construction and retention of information knowledge.

Guided Practice

Scaffolded practice questions with varied levels of guidance to promote confidence and gradual independence in students.


Formative assessments at various stages to determine students’ conceptual understanding of each topic. Teachers can assign these as homework while
students continue to develop procedural fluency and critical problem-solving skills.

Topic Coverage

Whole Numbers





Area and Volume




Data Representation and Interpretation

Rate and Speed

And More...!


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