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English Oral Buddy

English Oral Buddy

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Oral Buddy equips Primary School students with clear strategies to tackle the three components of English Oral:

  • Reading aloud
  • Picture discussion
  • Conversation

The step-by-step approach, with guided practices, helps students
acquire oral skills with confidence. This programme offers 10 reading passages, 10 picture discussion and 10 conversation pieces for Level 3 to 6 only.

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Reading Loud

Students can listen, practice and playback his/her recording to improve on

  • Pronunciation and articulation
  • Rhythm and fluency
  • Expression and emotions

Reading Aloud - Read

Students can read and record whole reading passage for self-evaluation.

Picture Discussion

Students can learn to express himself/herself in small, guided steps and gain tips on:

  • Interpretation and explanation
  • Proper use of vocabulary and grammar
  • Structuring responses: giving details, analysis, reasons and opinions

Not only that, students can learn and practise using suggested prompts, helping words and phrases and model answers. They can also structure own answers and do a self-evaluation.

Conversation (Level 3 to 6 only)

Students can learn and practice using suggested guidelines, prompts and
suggested answer to structure own response. Grade 3 - 6 students can now hone their skills in:

  • Providing personal responses by expressing thoughts using examples, experiences and suggestions
  • Conducting and engaging conversation

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