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The Importance of Using Play Pedagogy When Teaching Mathematics

The Importance of Using Play Pedagogy When Teaching Mathematics

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Educators will explore the different types of Play in an Early Childhood setting and dive into theories that help them understand the benefits of using Play pedagogy in the child development and learning process. This module serves as a foundation for educators who are looking to adopt this pedagogy in their everyday lessons.


  • List the different types of Play in Early childhood education
  • Explain the benefits of Play in Mathematics Education
    (There is a short assessment at the end of each learning modules as a summative assessment to verify that learning has been transferred.)


  • Different Types of Play in Early Childhood
  • Benefits of Play Pedagogy (Mathematics)


Usage Duration 3 months upon activation
Usage Platform MCEduHub for Professional Development
Learning Method Self-paced learning
Course Duration  Approximately 2 hours
Certification Yes, by Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE)
Who should attend? Pre-school educators, Center Managers, Principals
Curriculum Structure The mode of delivery is online.
Attendance Attendance is not mandatory requirement. Learners must complete the course within 3 months.
Assessments Yes, Embedded within every course.
Requirement for Certification Learners are required to clear the task in every module which is a prerequisite to the next module, learners will have to complete all modules to be awarded a certificate.


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